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Max Scherzer humiliated José Altuve with three strikeouts at Dodgers Stadium

Max Scherzer humiliated José Altuve with three strikeouts at Dodgers Stadium

Dodgers pitcher Max Scherzer humbled Venezuelan bartender José Altuve of the Astros with three strikeouts at Dodger Stadium in MLB.

On Wednesday’s match between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, where Max Scherzer put José Altuve through a nightmare night.

At the top of the first inning, Altuve vs Scherzer met and the Creole fanned the first pitch with a 96.2 mph fastball.

She then missed the second pitch with an 86.5 mph slider and went foul to another 86.9 mph slider.

He eventually struck out swinging the third strike with a 96.7 mph fastball.

Then in the upper part of the third inning with the game 5-1 in favor of the Californians, the veteran pitcher and the little giant met for the second time in the day, where the Creole saw the first strike called with a straight 94.8 mph.

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He then fouled the second pitch to an 87.4 mph slider.

He got the first bad pitch, which was a turn at 77.2 mph.

He was finally struck out swinging on strike three, with a change of 85.4 mph.

Last night’s third game between Altuve and Scherzer came at the top of the fifth inning, when the Dodgers won 7-2.

The first pitch was a called strike with a 77.2 mph curve and the second pitch fouled a 94.4 mph fastball.

Finally Altuve was struck out again by swinging to a 96.6 mph fastball.

Altuve only had one game with 4 strikeouts in his career years.

The dominance that Scherzer had over Altuve was truly impressive, since José could only receive a single bad pitch and hit twice foul, which shows that Max was on his night, before an audience that enjoyed each pitch against him. Creole. (Fielding)

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