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Mayweather and McGregor staged the anticipated “fiasco”

Mayweather and McGregor staged the anticipated “fiasco”

American fighter Floyd Mayweather junior and mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor, as expected, staged tonight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas the biggest anticipated “fiasco” in the history of the sport of sports. boxing.

The result was a TKO in the tenth round of the fight scheduled at 12, within the junior middleweight category, with no title at stake or anything sporting to highlight.

With the exception that the technical knockout was the first one that Mayweather junior, 40 years old, gets since he managed another, in a tricky way, by hitting the Hispanic Victor Ortiz, when he thought that the fight was stopped and was going to give him the glove to start the actions, in 2011.

After completing the penultimate show of bad taste with his exit to the ring, Mayweather junior, with his face covered, both fighters faced without any kind of blush before some fans who went to see a “farce” of combat.

In which everything was already written and decided, including the approval of the Nevada Athletic Commission, which allowed one of the best fighters in the history of the boxing faced a fighter who was going to make his debut.

But the millions were ahead of any other consideration and Mayweather Junior made all the predictions good by beating an opponent who was not even quality sparring in the ring, but in exchange for a guaranteed purse of $ 30 million. .

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The two protagonists who dedicated themselves to saying endless obscenities, vulgarities and promises to “destroy” their rival for several months, in the end showed that they do not even have a word about what they promise and express.

They talked a lot, promised everything, and in the end, as the true lovers of the sport of boxing They did not offer more than a “regrettable” spectacle from the sports section.

Mayweather junior was dedicated to observing how McGregor, without any type of speed or movements in his hands, barely took the direct left with some class, and less on his feet, always open, and allowed him to play his role of winning them in the judges’ score, not because of his rival’s merits, but because he did nothing.

From the fourth was when the training with McGregor began and the former undefeated champion began to place the hands he wanted with the combinations to the body and the head, as his father Mayweather senior had anticipated and there the Irish mixed martial arts fighter began to ask. the time and open your mouth.

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Everything was already finished, the story of the other rounds was nothing more than seeing how Mayweather junior continued with his exhibition, to place the blows he wanted with his right hand, while his rival endured to at least partially justify with his heart the millions of dollars that he also had already insured.

In this way, the ninth round was reached, where Mayweather junior punished McGregor more harshly, who could barely finish it, but at the beginning of the tenth the former undefeated champion got tired of continuing with the training and placed several series of combinations on the 29-year-old Irish fighter. years that he was barely standing.

McGregor did not respond to any of the blows and the referee of the fight Robert Byrd, who was just as bad as the fighters, had to have eliminated the mixed martial arts fighter before, decided that it no longer made sense for him to continue receiving a punishment that could really affect his physical integrity.

In this way, Mayweather junior, 40, remained undefeated as a professional, leaving his mark at 50-0, with 27 knockouts, the best of all time by beating Rocky Marciano (49-0), with whom it was tied.

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Many believed, that if it was already unethical to face a mixed martial arts fighter who had not done a single bout of boxing, it would be more so if in the end he counted the fight for his brand.

None of this mattered to Mayweather Junior, nor that from now on he will be remembered as the fighter who, being at the top and having proven himself to be one of the best of all time, in the end “betrayed” the integrity of the sport of boxing.

In addition, the victory left Mayweather junior with a guaranteed purse of $ 100 million, which he can increase, like McGregor’s, based on the income that can be obtained from the sale of the pay television rights.

According to the organizers, it is expected that they will be able to break records after it was televised by 225 countries around the world, although at first they had problems with the transmission so the start of the misnamed fight had to be delayed. boxing.

But luckily for the sport of boxing, Mayweather junior, once again declared in public that the “charade” of mounted combat against McGregor would be the last of his professional career.

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