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Mayweather-McGregor fight remains unsold and organizers fear

Mayweather-McGregor fight remains unsold and organizers fear

The questioned fight of boxing Between the former undefeated world champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and the monarch of mixed martial arts (UFC), the Irish Conor McGregor, it still does not generate activity among fans looking to buy tickets.

That trend has already been admitted by the organizers themselves, who have been surprised by the little interest that has been generated by watching the fight on August 26 in Las Vegas.

A high number of tickets considered ideal to see the fight at the T-Mobile Arena, which were supposed to be already sold are not, and there is already talk of a “puncture” of the millionaire bubble that was formed around a fight , that the world of boxing He has described it as a “farce” and an authentic “circus.”

The organizers have begun to realize that they may have been the ones who, in an effort to get the maximum profit, made the wrong calculations regarding the real audience they could count on.

Especially since the world of boxing He is not interested in nor does he want to participate in a fight outside of his sport.

Nothing to do with the interest generated by Mayweather Jr.’s duel against the Filipino Manny Pacquiao, who in the end also disappointed because the second stepped into the ring injured and unable to offer his best performance in 2015.

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In addition, the purchasing power of the followers of the UFC is not the same as that of the world of boxing, so at most they will watch the fight on pay television.

But the worst thing for the organizers has been that they themselves, with the uncontrolled «montage» of the promotion of the fight, perfectly showed the deception behind between Mayweather Jr. and McGregor, which the protagonists were in charge of giving to know.

The entire show, described as “bad taste”, “rude” and “rude” that both fighters gave during the tour ended up generating rejection, boredom and lack of interest.

Watching Mayweather Jr. play with his money and McGregor, modeling bearskin coats and bragging that his net worth will quadruple in the fight promotion was not the best thing to do.

Hearing profanities as they yelled at each other, as well as trying not to laugh at what they put together and shared when they introduced themselves to photographers, exposed the cynicism of the set design.

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In the end, the conclusion of his tour was that it was not only a typical publicity stunt but it also became a great mockery, built on a fantasy of unreality and farce.

As bogus as the $ 100 million check that Mayweather Jr. boasts when the reality is that he cannot even afford to pay his taxes without selling some of his assets, which is not a joke but a very serious thing in America.

All that circus may be sold through pay television for a price of $ 100 with which several friends entertain a party at home, but as if it were just another sporting event, without major significance.

Everything changes when it comes to paying tickets worth $ 20,000 to be in line with T-Mobile, if you want to see the fight well you will have to pay $ 100 more for the rental of binoculars.

What is being generated around this fight will not only affect the economic gains of the organizers but also the very ethics of the Nevada Athletic Commission, responsible for regulating the sport of the boxing, which they allowed to happen.

While Mayweather Jr. is faced with the need for cash, never mind that his return to the ring is to make anything but an undefeated champion.

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He even no longer cares about selling the fight with the image that he is going to see an inferior Mayweather Jr., without the power of before, implying that there will be some equality and entertainment.

But it really is, not only in the sports section but also in his standard of living, where the image of a billionaire, who could spend whatever money he wanted on all kinds of luxuries, including throwing tickets at the dancers from the Las Vegas clubs, has disappeared.

More tragic is that of McGregor, a fighter who knows perfectly well that he has no chance of beating Mayweather Jr in the ring, if something “strange” does not happen within it.

Hence, the “deception” of his fight can perhaps be assumed by people who wish to pay $ 100 to see it at home and try to overcome the 4.6 million that the duel between Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao achieved, but in As for the prohibitive tickets that have been put on sale in Las Vegas, they still do not have an owner.

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