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Mayweather praises rival McGregor for selling outlier fight

Mayweather praises rival McGregor for selling outlier fight

American Floyd Mayweather called Irish mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor “an established competitor” in an attempt to promote an atypical fight that has received criticism from the press and the boxing world.
This is Mayweather’s first public reaction to the announcement of his return to the ring to face McGregor on August 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
“McGregor is a seasoned competitor, people all over the world wanted to see this fight and we gave them what they asked for,” Mayweather told BSOTV television.
“I finished my career, but people wanted to see me in the ring again and I’m back,” added the so-called ‘Money’ Mayweather, who had his last fight in September 2015.
The American remained undefeated throughout his career, garnering 49 victories and sharing the record with the legendary Rocky Marciano.
Mayweather will receive a 100 million dollar purse in this unprecedented battle between one of the best boxers in history and the great figure of the MMA circuit (Mixed Martials Arts), a very violent and spectacular combat sport in the United States.
Adding television rights, advertising and pay-per-view revenues, Mayweather could reap more than $ 200 million, something unprecedented in this world of hitting.
The American declined to discuss the financial details of the deal with McGregor.
“Both parties are very happy. I’m very happy, he’s very happy, and I’m very excited, ”Mayweather said.
He also declined to talk about the fact that the fight will take place under boxing rules, leaving McGregor without much of a chance, who will not be able to without resorting to the authorized kicks and knees in MMA.
“The people who support (McGregor) have the right to do it and believe in him because he is a fiery competitor,” Mayweather said.
The fight has been criticized by the press, which has described it as a “show.”
However, the sportsbooks in Las Vegas have taken it seriously and put Mayweather as an 11-1 favorite as soon as the fight was announced.
The fight was agreed to 12 rounds and within the super welterweight category (154 pounds or 69.85 kilograms), and will take place in a boxing ring and with the rules of that same sport.
McGregor is 21-3 in MMA fighting but has never boxed as a professional, although he did play the sport of punching as a teenager and is known for his superb punching. afp

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