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Mbappé delights Real Madrid by leaving training with a large bag

Mbappé delights Real Madrid by leaving training with a large bag

A day full of images, curiosities and superstitions was the one that Kylian Mbappé had, the French forward who is part of the PSG discipline, but which they claim would arrive in the next few hours and, before the transfer book closes, to Real Madrid.

The day began with a big hug to Leonardo, leader of the Parisian team and who has not been very satisfied with the behavior of the meringues, in their desire to have the young world champion with the Gauls in Russia 2018, championship in the one who in the final reported with a goal.

Practice happened normally. Mauricio Pochettino, would have his trident ready for this Sunday’s game with Neymar, Mbappé himself and the great figure of world football Lionel Messi. However, another of the curious situations occurred when the footballers were preparing to take their vehicles to leave training.

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The 22-year-old footballer was seen with a large bag in which he appeared to carry club objects. Of course, it is not known for sure what was the content that was inside, but the image did create rumors and even the possibility that the game against Reims was the last in its good time for the team in the French capital. (Bolavip)

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