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McGregor confirms the signing of a pre-contract to fight Mayweather Jr.

McGregor confirms the signing of a pre-contract to fight Mayweather Jr.

The champion of mixed martial arts, the Irishman Conor McGregor, confirmed that he had already signed a pre-contract so that the team of the undefeated American fighter Floyd Mayweather junior can negotiate the signing of the definitive agreement that allows them to face each other in the ring.
McGregor released his signature and presented it as “historic”, while calling for Mayweather Junior to do the same now.
The Irish fighter did not disclose the economic terms that had been set out in the principle of the agreement to negotiate the great mega-contract.
McGregor’s statement came after the president of the UFC, Dana White, announced the signature through the TNT television network, prior to the first game of the Eastern Conference finals that the Celtics played last night. Boston against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
“Everything is already closed by McGregor and now I can start negotiations with the Mayweather junior team,” said White. “This step allows us to have a better chance that the fight can take place, but there are no guarantees that we will reach an agreement,” he added.
White said he hopes to negotiate with Mayweather junior’s team as soon as possible and that he feels there is a possibility of reaching an agreement.
In April, White indicated that he agreed with McGregor’s desire to have a boxing match with Mayweather Junior, stating that the difficult part of the negotiations would come on the side of the undefeated American champion who is retired from the activity.
“McGregor wants to do two fights this year and one of them would be against Mayweather junior, if possible,” reiterated White.
For his part, Mayweather junior, from Las Vegas, where he resides, reiterated that the only fight he sees possible to return to the ring is against McGregor.
“It’s the only one that makes sense as a business,” said Mayweather Junior. “I would leave my retirement because I am a businessman and I want to give the world what they want to see.”
The undefeated former US champion, who has said that he would not fight again unless he is going to win a purse of more than $ 100 million, reiterated that both were fighters that both mixed martial arts and boxing fans wanted to see face off in a quadrilateral. EFE

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