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McGregor’s boxing coach dumps him for “circus” around him

McGregor’s boxing coach dumps him for “circus” around him

The former world welterweight champion, American Paulie Malignaggi, became the latest problem for the organizers of the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor when he left the training ground of the second because he considered that it is a real « circus”.

“I’m not going to participate in this show, much less use my professional reputation for something that has become a real circus,” said Malignaggi, after leaving working with the Irish mixed martial arts fighter (UFC) , who is going to make his debut as a boxer.

Malignaggi’s discontent came after the representatives of the Irish fighter published through social networks some photos taken during the 12 rounds that the former American completed as “sparring” with McGregor.

They, according to Malignaggi, were all a montage, “false”, that does not reflect what happened in the ring and in which he is made to see how he is at the mercy of McGregor when the opposite happened.

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McGregor with a record of (21-3) as a fighter in the UFC, who will make his boxing debut to face the undefeated Mayweather (49-0, 26 knockouts) on August 26, at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas. , in the boxing ring of the T-Mobile Arena, he recruited Malignaggi, a former world champion in two categories, as his “sparring”.

However, Malignaggi, through his Twitter account, said that he had come to work seriously and help McGregor, but after what happened after the 12 rounds they carried out last Tuesday, he was not going to let his professional career come out harmed.

“It is true that Tuesday’s session was very violent,” said Malignaggi, who had a device placed on his shoulder to take images that McGregor wanted to share with a small audience.

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But since then, and without it being established, photos have begun to appear, all favorable to McGregor, who seems to deliver “devastating” blows to Malignaggi, who can even be seen falling to the canvas while the Irish fighter throws himself on him.

“That fall was never caused by a blow, it pushed me,” declared Malignaggi, who challenged McGregor to reveal the unpublished images of the entire session, although he made it very clear that he will not say anything about how the work or the strategy that he will present to Mayweather Jr.

In addition, always through Twitter, he warned McGregor camp that “I came to help this camp, but now you will have the truth”, in addition to reiterating that he was never knocked down or there were falls due to blows by both parties, despite who worked with intensity.

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Malignaggi explained that the UFC has been in charge of placing cameras throughout the gym that record every movement, without there being any kind of privacy or serious work.

Several boxers who also spar with McGregor admitted that since Malignaggi arrived at the camp, the UFC Irish champion had told them that he was going to be ready for “a war.”

For his part, former Hispanic referee Joe Cortez, who has been hired to work in the sparring sessions, also acknowledged that he had been forced to intervene on several occasions to separate the fighters so that they were under control.

So far, McGregor’s field has not commented on what happened to the photos, Malignaggi’s allegations, and his dropping out of training. EFE

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