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Messi and Cristiano could play together at PSG

Messi and Cristiano could play together at PSG

Despite the economic crisis that several European football clubs are going through as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, this transfer market has had several surprising signings that until some time ago seemed impossible. In this context, with 15 days to go until the transfer period closes, there is still time for more action if the domino effect is triggered that could open the chance for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to end up playing together at PSG .

At the moment it is only one of the possible scenarios that the pressure of Kylian Mbappé is triggered by leaving PSG. Although the forward’s contract ends in June 2022, it has not yet been renewed and the Joven Maravilla has requested a meeting with the club’s leadership to force his departure this month. In this framework, it is Real Madrid that has an offer prepared. Beyond the fact that the Qataris who lead Leo Messi’s new club do not skimp on expenses, they know that if they fail to renew the contract with Kylian, the player could leave for free in 2022.

If Kylian Mbappé goes to Real Madrid, it would open the door to Ronaldo’s arrival at PSG.

At the same time, the newspaper Marca indicates that Juventus, in order to be able to accommodate its budget and capture the incorporations that its coach aspires, Massimiliano Allegri (has Miralem Pjanic between his eyebrows), is studying negotiating an exit with Cristiano in this same market of passes. Otherwise, the Turin entity runs the risk that its top star will leave next year as a free agent and without a penny in return, and their relationship ends in June 2022.

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Given this need to sell, the leaders of Vecchia Signora would analyze an alternative exit for the gunner who arrived in Italy in mid-2018. But for that, he needs someone to make an offer. This would open the door for PSG.

Kylian Mbappé’s interest in going to Real Madrid now would open the chance for Ronaldo to arrive at PSG (Reuters)
Kylian Mbappé’s interest in going to Real Madrid now would open the chance for Ronaldo to arrive at PSG (Reuters)
In other words, in the event that an eventual sale of Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid is successful, that inflow of money could be used to purchase CR7. At PSG they have been interested in the Lusitanian for a long time and now being able to join him with Messi, far from being a utopia, represents a great challenge. The French club could bring together the two main figures of the last 15 years in a squad that would already be super galactic.

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Although, obviously, the French cast is not the only one interested in the 37-year-old Portuguese, but the site The Sun revealed that Manchester United is also preparing an offer for the gunner,

Despite the enthusiasm on the part of the fans for this series of transfers to materialize, reality shows that it is not so easy for this to happen. At least for now. What would be more likely is that these signings will be delayed until the end of the current season, because in 2022 Mbappé could go free to Real Madrid and Cristiano to PSG. In doing so, clubs could save millions of dollars simply by having a little patience.

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Through the same route, Messi himself, the Spanish Sergio Ramos and the Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, figure of the team that won the last European Championship, arrived in this transfer market to PSG. But so did Sergio Agüero and the Dutch Memphis Depay to Barcelona and the Austrian David Alaba to Real Madrid. So this resource of taking advantage of the freedom cards is becoming more common than before.

Beyond his condition, be it as a free agent in 2022 or with the pass acquired by PSG in this same market, Ronaldo would like to reach the French club. The Portuguese is super competitive and knows that he will be able to count on a first-rate squad to have concrete chances of winning a Champions League again. In this context, being able to see Messi and Ronaldo together went from being an impossible to a concrete chance and the fans are looking forward to this. (Taken from Infobae)

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