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‘Messimanía’ in Paris: crowds to see him and buy his shirt

‘Messimanía’ in Paris: crowds to see him and buy his shirt

The fervor for the arrival of Leo Messi moved this Wednesday from the airport and the stadium to the store where his shirt with the number 30 on the back was sold. There were fans who arrived after midnight to wait their turn and not miss a moment that, they said, is historic.

Antoine and his brother Marc were the first. They showed up at the club’s official ’boutique’ on the Champs Elysees in Paris, the only one that opened in the morning at 00.30 CET (22.30 GMT) with chairs, pillows and some food.

“Marc saw his first PSG game with me when he was about eight years old and now he will be the first to have the official jersey when he opens the store,” Antoine told EFE shortly before getting that precious ‘jersey’, whose price ranges between 115 and 165 euros.

Fans were allowed to take only one referral per person.

Nathan, 26, went there as soon as he finished work, five minutes after the pair of brothers, also provided with a chair, his pillow and energy drinks to make the night more bearable.

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«This only happens once in a lifetime, we don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. That Messi, a player with a great record, a very high level and six Ballons d’Or, come to a club that I love since I was a child, is something unique, “he said.

The recent signing of the player by PSG for two seasons plus an optional one is for this young man the union of his two passions: “Messi the first and PSG the second. They are almost at the same level, “he says expectantly.

Arriving early allowed him to see how the workers lined the facade of the store with the image of the Argentine, replacing those of the other two great stars of the club: Mbappé and Marquinhos.

The long queue formed throughout the block, tens of meters, caught some passersby by surprise: “Is Messi inside?” Some were wondering, surprised that the crowd had only come to buy the shirt.

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Mario, who showed up at four thirty in the morning, was one of those fans. «On Sunday I turn 60 years old and my wife has sent me to buy my gift. I would have preferred her to come, but… »he says with a laugh.

«We are like children. What is happening to the club is crazy. One star after another. Every year the club buys great players from us. It’s fabulous “, emphasizes this man, whose waiting time has been shortened:” We were in good company. “


People also gathered on Wednesday around the Parc des Princes, where Messi appeared for the first time before the press, accompanied by its president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, as a new PSG player.

“I’m waiting to see if he comes out and I have plans to follow him all the week everywhere he goes … I’m going to see him at the hotel, wherever!” Romina Italiano, an Argentine living in Paris, told EFE.

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On the outskirts of the field there were other compatriots, like Débora Torres: «(Messi) means a great pride, especially for all the Argentines who live here in Paris. Now we have the Eiffel Tower, we have Messi… He is the greatest, ”he says.

Javier, an Argentine who lives in Barcelona, ​​bought a ticket this week just to try to see it: “I’m following him from the hotel to the presentation and from the presentation to the hotel. It is an inexplicable sensation. He is the best, the number one in football ».

The strong crowd that gathered on the outskirts of the field caused some tense moments. There was shoving and some ultras threw flares and firecrackers. The police intervened with pepper spray and the club’s security, according to EFE, mediated between both parties to prevent the situation from escalating. EFE (HN)

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