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Mets player with leukemia, Carlos Carrasco receives Covid 19 vaccine

Mets player with leukemia, Carlos Carrasco receives Covid 19 vaccine

The Venezuelan pitcher of the New York Mets Carlos Carrasco received the vaccine against Covid-19, which represents good news for the pitcher, the MLB and humanity of course.

In fact, excellent news has emerged against Covid-19 and it is that due to his medical history, the serpentine player Carlos Carrasco has received the aforementioned vaccine.

Carrasco’s recent medical history with leukemia put him at obvious risk, but he can continue his preparation until opening day with at least a little more sense of security.

However, medical tests kept Carlos Carrasco out of the metropolitan camp a little longer than some of the other arms.

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The Creole joined the team on February 14 and began training on the 26 of the same month.

These circumstances mean that his debut in the Grapefruit League will be delayed, where he will surely lose his first start in the team’s rotation.

The Abuser received a tremendous gift from Francisco Lindor! (Photo)

Now, everything stated here should not throw any impediment so that the horse Carlos Carrasco can be ready to act for the season with the New York Mets.

The Creole also spoke about what he hopes to do with the Mets this season, his relationship with Francisco Lindor and company. (GG) (Fielding)

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