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Mexican expelotero arrested with 20 kilos of drugs

Mexican expelotero arrested with 20 kilos of drugs

Mexican Esteban Loaiza, a former pitcher for eight Major League Baseball teams, was arrested on Friday with about 20 kilos of cocaine and heroin, police in the city of San Diego, California, reported.
Loaiza, 46, of Tijuana, is due to be presented in court on Wednesday, when the charges against him will be formally read. The local justice imposed a bail of 200,000 dollars.
The Mexican right-handed pitcher won 126 major league games, and among Mexican pitchers he is second only to Fernando Valenzuela, who won 173 games.
In 2003 Loaiza was inducted into the All-Star Games and the following year he was narrowly outscored by Roy Halladay in the dispute for the prestigious Cy Young Award, reserved for the best pitchers in the Major Leagues.
According to press reports, Loaiza accumulated an estimated fortune of 40 million dollars during his career. In total, he exhibits a record of 126-114.
Loaiza married singer and actress Jenny Rivera in 2010, although the couple divorced two years later. Shortly after, Rivera died in a plane crash. afp

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