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Mexican legends analyze Marcos Maidana

The day of the rematch of the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana is getting closer and the predictions are already beginning. This time four Mexican boxing legends gave their opinion on Maidana.
Julio César Chávez, the Legend, gives Marcos Maidana a certain chance. “We all know that Maidana is not a technical fighter, but no one can deny that he is dangerous, perhaps the most dangerous that Mayweather has faced. I must confess that I was surprised by Maidana’s courage, he stood in front of Mayweather and went with everything he had. Maidana has characteristics that are normally seen in Mexican boxers, he is simply not afraid. He is brave, powerful and when he steps into the ring he fights as if there were no tomorrow.
Erik ‘El Terrible’ Morales highlighted the same characteristics. “When you think about what makes Mexican champions great, you think of determination, aggressiveness, heart and guts to get the job done. You leave everything in the ring, heart and soul. I remember watching the Mayweather vs. Maidana fight in May and Maidana left her heart in the ring. he fought with passion and aggression. He left everything there. There is no boxing in Las Vegas without a great Mexican and Maidana has the heart of a Mexican boxer.
Israel Vázquez said that “You have to give Maidana credit for his skills. He earned the lead role in the rematch against the best in the world. Also, Maidana is humble, something you don’t see in boxers of his caliber. It’s a tough fight for both of us, that’s why I don’t give predictions.
Raúl ‘El Diamante’ Vázquez also gives Maidana a chance. «He is a boxer who takes the initiative and does not go backwards. He comes prepared and comes to fight. No one thought he was going to put up with Mayweather like he did. It makes us Latinos proud. He stood in front of Mayweather as a true Mexican champion would.

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