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Michael Jordan’s Ring Collection

Michael Jordan’s Ring Collection

A scoring champ, one of the league MVPs, and the most defensive player of the year weren’t enough for the Royal Airness, Michael Jordan. All Michael Jordan focused on was winning championships and getting rings. Jordan had one objective and a single determination to earn the ring at the conclusion this season. He played during the regular season in such a manner that let the players know that he was superior to others and that when playoffs came around, he was a rival to all other players. Jordan was the best during the playoffs, going 6-1 at the NBA finals, and did not have to play the seventh game. Micheal won 6 championships as a member of his team, the Chicago Bulls, in a stretch of eight seasons.

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How many rings does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan has won 6 rings altogether during his time with The Chicago Bulls. He also was beaten twice(1991-93 and 1996-98). However, he made it to six NBA Finals and impressively won all 6 without ever playing game seven.

What year when did Michael Jordan win his 6 championship rings?

Michael Jordan won all his six championships while playing for his team, the Chicago Bulls. He won his first three seasons in the 1991-93 season; however, he stepped down from basketball following the tragic passing of his dad. During that time, Jordan played baseball with the Chicago Whitesox. On his return, Micheal set off a storm by winning another 3-peat as a member of the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls were champions for the 1996 to 1998 seasons. If he had not retired for a year in the middle, many believe that MJ would have been able to win eight consecutive championships.

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How long did it take Michael Jordan to win his first championship?

The process took Michael Jordan 7 seasons before winning his first trophy in Chicago with Chicago Bulls.

Micheal Jordan Player Info:

Full Name of the Player Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Birthdate: February 17, 1963

Team: Chicago Bulls

The Drafted Year: 1984, Round 1, Pick 3

Rings Count: 6 rings

Rings Year: 1991 1992, 1993, 1997, 1996 1998

Champion Team: Chicago Bulls

What is the Michael Jordan rings worth?

Michael Jordan’s ring, every single one of them has a value of $150,000. So with the six rings Jordan has earned, their total is worth is about $900,000.

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Did Michael Jordan win 6 rings in a row?

No, he did not win six rings in a row. However, Jordan did with them as two separate 3-peats runs.

What number of the rings has Michael Jordan won without Pippen?

Michael Jordan never won a ring in the absence of Scottie Pippen, which speaks volumes about Pippen’s talent. All of his six championships were together with Pippen, who played the role of the team’s 2nd star on the Chicago Bulls.


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