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Michael Schumacher’s family agreed to show unpublished images for documentary

Michael Schumacher’s family agreed to show unpublished images for documentary

On December 29, 2013, Michael Schumacher was skiing in the Méribel alpine resort with his family when he hit his head on a rock, causing severe head trauma, with intracranial hematomas and diffuse cerebral edema, causing a helicopter to have He was urgently transferred to a new medical center in Grenoble where his condition was reported to be critical. Then, he was in an induced coma for six months and since then, and due to a decision of his family, his state of health is a mystery.

Now, the followers of the multi-time German Formula 1 champion have heard news that gives them hope because the family spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, confirmed that a documentary is being made about the life of the German, who at the beginning of the millennium became one of the best and most famous athletes on the planet.

“The film portrays Michael’s impressive career, but also many of the facets of the complex man. The ruthless and daring Formula 1 driver, the ambitious athlete, the consummate mechanic with unique technical talent, the dependable team player and the loving family man. “

The life of the former Formula One champion will be brought to the big screen of the cinema, where facts and anecdotes of Michael Schumacher will be shown.

As reported by the British portal Daily Mirror, German filmmakers Michael Wech and Hanns-Bruno Kammertons are in charge of creating this film whose production was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the most outstanding thing is that the family has agreed to share exclusive images of Schumi, which excites his fans, who know absolutely nothing about his current state and are excited to find out about something new.

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The latest that is known comes from the information provided by Jean Todt, current president of the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation), who when asked about the status of the former driver in December 2020, declared: “I am very discreet on this matter ”, In an extensive interview that he gave to the French medium Ouest France. However, he added: “Since then (December 29, 2013, the day of the accident), he has been treated in order to return to a more normal life.”

The other important leak came from Elisabetta Gregoraci, former partner of Flavio Briatore, who was the boss of the seven-time world champion in his time with the Benetton team. “He does not speak. It communicates with the eyes. Only three people can visit it and I know who they are, “said the woman in a talk at home, according to the Sport Mediaset portal in September 2020.

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In 2019, the 52-year-old German passed through the Georges-Pompidou Hospital and entered a stretcher covered by a blue blanket that completely covered his face and body, surrounded by a dozen people who were part of the security device. There, he was cared for by Philippe Menasché, a pioneer of cell therapy to cure heart failure.

An accident has deprived him of a normal life in recent years, where his medical reality is currently unknown.

The doctor did not claim to have worked directly on Schumi and denied that they were conducting an “experiment” as had been said in the first instance: “I don’t do miracles. With my team we are not doing any ‘experiments’, an abominable term that does not correspond to a serious vision of medicine ”.

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After that episode that lasted a week and ended with Schumacher’s return to his mansion, his wife, Corinna Betsch, broke the silence and gave an interview to the German publication She’s Mercedes Magazine, in which she gave some details about the state of health of her husband: “At this moment he is in the best possible hands and we are doing everything possible to help him. You can be sure of it. “

For all this, it is a surprising novelty that the family has agreed to provide audiovisual documentation for the creation of this documentary that will bear the name of the former Ferrari rider and whose release date is still unknown. (GG) (Infobae)

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