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Miguel Cabrera surpasses Steve Garvey in uncatchable

Miguel Cabrera surpasses Steve Garvey in uncatchable

Venezuelan slugger Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers surpassed a Steve Garvey mark in the MLB.

Before Saturday’s game where the Detroit Tigers faced the Cleveland Indians, Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera was tied with former Dodgers player Steve Garvey with the same number of singles (hits) in the MLB.

Both were 1844 and tied for 78th all-time in that department, according to Baseball Reference.

Now, in the bottom of the first inning with the game 0-0 and two outs on the board, Miguel Cabrera fired the cannon into left field, landing his hit number 2951 in the majors.

In this way he surpassed Garvey in the singles department of all time in the majors, arriving at 1845 and is located only in the 78th box of the majors.

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Miguel went 2-for-1, with the unstoppable above mentioned and scored a run, in addition to taking a walk in the eighth inning with the game tied 4-4, which caused his exit from the game by a pinch-runner.

The move went well for the Tigers’ helmsman, because in that inning they scored the two runs that gave him the 6-4 victory over the tribe with a scoreboard.

The games continue to happen and we are waiting for the long-awaited 500 home runs of the Venezuelan, who can give them in the next game or at any time of the season.

The Venezuelan still has 49 hits to reach 3,000 and the Tigers have 43 games left in the season, so he must put his foot on the accelerator a little more to achieve the great goal. (Fielding)

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