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Miguel Cabrera ties Alex Rodríguez’s mark of uncatchable in MLB

Miguel Cabrera ties Alex Rodríguez’s mark of uncatchable in MLB

Venezuelan slugger Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers surpassed an Alex Rodriguez mark in the MLB.

Before Friday’s game where the Detroit Tigers were measured against the Cleveland Indians, Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera was tied with former Yankees player Alex Rodríguez with the same number of singles (hits) in the MLB.

Both were 1840 and tied for 79th all-time in that department.

Now, with the Indians leading 6-0 over the Bengals, Miguel Cabrera singled in the top of the seventh inning to center field.

In this way he surpassed Rodríguez in the singles department of all time in the majors, arriving in 1841 and is located only in box 79 of the majors.

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Despite the fact that the Tigres were defeated 6-1 by the Indians at the tribe headquarters, Cabrera always manages to match or surpass a great figure, even in a discreet ball game.

The games continue to happen and we are waiting for the long-awaited 500 home runs of the Venezuelan, who can give them in the next game or at any time of the season.

The criollo still has 54 hits to reach 3,000 and the team has 51 games left in the season, so he must put his foot on the accelerator a little more to achieve the great goal. (Fielding)

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