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Mike Tyson closed 2020 by counting how he squandered $ 600 million

Mike Tyson closed 2020 by counting how he squandered $ 600 million

Mike Tyson had a great year if you take into account that he finally fought again at 54 and outpointed Roy Rones Jr. on points in an event that was followed all over the planet and that allowed many young people to see him for the first time with the gloves. The former heavyweight champion was away from the activity and a few years ago he started a cannabis cultivation venture in California, where the cultivation is legal, which has allowed him to live all kinds of experiences related to various drugs.

On this occasion he was the special guest of the podcast of the famous youtuber Logan Paul and in just five minutes of interview, Iron Mike surprised everyone by eating a handful of “magic mushrooms”. The former fighter began the conversation while enjoying a marijuana cigarette until the driver detected that one of his assistants had a bag of mushrooms, so the dialogue leaned directly on that topic.

When they saw them, they realized that it was four grams, an amount that they themselves indicated as too high for someone who does not usually consume that type of narcotic. When they saw them, they detected pieces of gold with blue spots and noticed that it was a special fungus. “They are magical,” Tyson later explained, taking the entire handful and putting it in his mouth.

“The first time I heard about these mushrooms in Los Angeles everyone was talking about how they taste like shit,” recalled Logan Paul, explaining that they are usually eaten in a peanut butter sandwich or in a smoothie, before being interrupted by Tyson: ” They are literally shit. They come from shit ”.

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Before the laughter of those present, the former boxer wanted to explain that he is not afraid of this type of mushroom and that he usually consumes them daily: “It is just a mushroom. It’s what we are made of. When we die we become this again ”. Then, during the podcast, they remarked that despite being of natural origin in many states, its sale is prohibited, so they should be careful not to do it in other cities.

In the interview, he also recalled his experience with dimethyltryptamine (DMT), one of the most powerful hallucinogens known. “I felt that the sun was splitting in two and the air was coming towards me and then I said to my partner ‘are you seeing this?’. And he: ‘See what?’ ‘Stop joking with me, I know I’m sorry.’ ‘But Mike I don’t see anything.’ And I kept saying, ‘Stop playing with me.’ I thought they were playing a joke on me because we usually play jokes with boys so I told them ‘I know you’re watching it too,’ “said the former heavyweight champion who explained that this type of hallucination lasts for a few minutes and can last up to 20.

Tyson further recalled his experience testing a substance called 5-MeO-DMT, which is produced in large quantities by Bufo alvarius, a rare species of toad commonly known as the Colorado River toad or the Sonoran desert toad. That episode dates back to January 2019 and according to him it changed his life. “It is completely different, your body stays here and your soul detaches,” he said and added: “It makes you feel like God for a moment.”

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The funny thing was that when talking about boxing and being consulted by Iron Mike, he replied: “That man is dead, let’s talk about something else.” He even argued that whoever stepped into the ring to fight Roy Jones Jr. is his “new self” and he did it to overcome himself: “I was using cocaine and I had given up on life, but when I tried the toad was a boom. I realized that he was dead. ” It was thus that his way of spending the days completely changed, he managed to lose more than 30 kilos, he returned to training and was able to return to combat.

In turn, Tyson acknowledged having an addict’s personality, but explained that nowadays marijuana has allowed him to get away from other types of addictions such as cocaine, alcohol and sex: “This is something that gives me good energy, positive . I need to find something that fills the energy I have ”. In that sense, he assured that boxing helped him for a long time to channel that internal energy: “I wanted great boxers to respect me, that was my goal.”

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Recalling his childhood, he mentioned that he was arrested by the police 40 times before he was 12 years old: “He robbed houses, shops, wallets, fought me in the street, did all those things.” That is why he took the opportunity to thank his mother for never having stopped supporting him despite the fact that his personality was the opposite of his. “She was good and humble, I am arrogant, like my father.”

In addition, the former boxer was asked what happened to his fortune and they reminded him that he knew he had about 600 million dollars that he squandered: “I had a lot of fun,” he replied with a laugh, but it was more funny to admit that he did not even know where There remained the $ 50 million mansion in which he lived for much of his life. Paul Logan insisted on getting more details on how he lost his money, but the 54-year-old ex-fighter did not want to give more information: “I spent it on stupid things. The good thing is that he did not pay taxes ”.

Tyson also showed regret for some of the things he did in his controversial professional career, specifically for having offended his rivals. He also pointed out that something negative about being famous is the fact that he cannot walk quietly down a street in New York without being chased: “Sometimes even I get scared, because they really persecute me.” (GG) (Infobae)

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