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MLB to impose punishment on pitchers who use illegal substances

MLB to impose punishment on pitchers who use illegal substances

One of the controversies that have attracted the most attention during the 2021 season in Major League Baseball (MLB), has been the discovery that there are pitchers who occupy illicit substances in the balls with the objective that their shots are not impacted by the batters .
If the suspicions began with the star of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Trevor Bauer, one of the first to be discovered on the court was the Mexican Giovanny Gallegos, of St. Louis Cardinals, where umpire Joe West confiscated his cap for an alleged alteration.
As a result of this situation, the Office of the MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, has issued an official statement, announcing to team owners that harsh penalties will be applied to players who are caught using this type of gadget during games.
MLB to punish “cheating” pitchers
The information was released by USA Today, and indicates that although the measure will not be implemented immediately, it will wait until the All-Star Game, on July 13 in Denver, to make the official announcement of the drastic measures. .
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The report assures that one of the most severe punishments for those caught performing this type of cheating is suspension for up to 10 games, in a measure taken after collecting thousands of baseballs during the first two months, with hundreds of substances. strangers and the spinning speed of the pitchers increasing. (GG) (Bolavip)

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