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Mookie Betts scares LA Dodgers with injury against Rockies

Mookie Betts scares LA Dodgers with injury against Rockies

Sometimes we call the seventh inning lucky. Last night wasn’t that bad for Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts.

The MVP winner and newly selected to the MLB All-Star Game left the field in pain accompanied by physical therapist and team manager Dave Roberts after hitting his third double of the day.

Mookie also hit a home run in the Saturday game, so it is undoubtedly confirmed that the return of the player signed by the Dodgers for ten seasons and a millionaire figure is not a mirage.

Mookie is averaging .271 in 2021 with an OPS of .879. In contrast, the last seven days show indicators that almost fall within the non-measurable zone since .769 and 2,272 are not numbers that seem the result of a real offensive production, but, you know what? They are not an error.

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Mookie Betts declined to participate in the MLB All-Star Game because, according to what he said, he was carrying an injury and was going to take advantage of the days for maintenance and recovering.

The Dodgers first hitter commented that “the pain got worse scoring from second on one of Muncy’s hits (Max), but I’m fine. I’ve been dealing with this, it was just a little stronger than usual. “

According to Dave Roberts “the irritation in the hip has been bothering throughout the season.” Perhaps it’s the underlying cause of the “bad” numbers (they led to his recent Denver nomination) that have been haunting him all year.

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“Mookie will be out of the lineup on Sunday, but he shouldn’t have a hard time returning in the series against the Giants,” the Dodgers helmsman finally sentenced.

Let’s hope so, because his state of health and sports form is undoubtedly one of the roads that leads to the Promised Land. (Fielding)

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