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Nadal, “hurt and disappointed” by the criticism of his academy

Nadal, “hurt and disappointed” by the criticism of his academy
The Spanish Rafael Nadal, tennis player number one in the world, has sent this Thursday an open letter to the media in Manacor, his hometown, to express his “feeling of pain and disappointment” at the criticism received by the start-up of the academy and the educational center that bears his name in the municipality of Manacor.

“Like anyone, it hurts me to receive unjustified and defamatory attacks that the only thing they want is to stain my name,” says Nadal.

“I could extend myself with more situations that I have kept quiet for a long time, but I don’t like to get into certain controversies. I just wanted to express my feelings of pain and disappointment, ”he adds.

The Balearic tennis player has received criticism for his academy and also for an alleged favorable treatment received at the mooring of his boat at the Porto Cristo Yacht Club, which he denies.

“Although on a personal level, what has hurt me the most has been that the mayor of Manacor (Miquel Oliver, from Mès-Esquerra) has accused me of ‘living outside the municipality’ adding that manacorinity is practiced, it is not verbalized” , he points out.

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“Perhaps there are people who do not like the way in which I have carried the Manacor name all over the world, but I think there is no doubt that I have made an effort to do it in the best possible way”, he adds. «I have always been there for what Manacor needed from me».

He recalls that he supported the auditorium project 7 years ago “in a disinterested and heartfelt way”, as he has recently helped the region due to the floods in October 2018. “With catastrophic situations and the memory of which continues to cause pain to both the affected area and the to people very close to me, “he explains.

“Manacor and Porto Cristo are everything to me: I live here, I train, I have my family, my friends and it is where I do my day to day,” he says.

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In the open letter to the Manacor media, Nadal assures that the Academy could have been held in various parts of the world: “where they offered us important benefits and many facilities.” “But it was always clear to me that, even if it involved a high economic cost, I wanted to do it at my home, in Manacor,” he says.

Regarding the accusation of being privileged and having been treated favorably, he responds: «Yes, I feel privileged, since the parliamentary majority democratically considered that this strategic project for Mallorca would have much more force if it were carried out while I was in active, since the repercussion would multiply. And I have always been grateful for it.

He points out that he has invested “a very important part” of his assets in the Academy. “I am very happy that more than 300 people can work in it, fighting all year to make it sustainable, something complicated in the case of a small city and with more connectivity difficulties than our large international competitors.”

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He details that the academy has given priority to acquiring products and materials from local companies and also grants young promises from Mallorca and helps local sports and non-sports entities.

Regarding the law that the Balearic Parliament approved in 2012 and that was partially modified in 2018 and the obligations that it stipulated (in terms of urban use, green area, parking and paying for a roundabout with the town hall) he assures: «I am and will be delighted to fulfill all these obligations, because it is my duty as a citizen.

«We were accused on November 12 of not paying the IBI or the garbage fees at the Academy, something completely false, since the payments corresponding to the IBI were made in October as soon as we received the document to do so and the first payment in concept of the garbage tax in November 2017 “, he states and details what was paid. EFE

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