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Nadal: «I will fight to the maximum with all my might»

Nadal: «I will fight to the maximum with all my might»

Rafael Nadal, two days before the start of the Roland Garros tournament, said that, despite the “differences compared to previous years”, he will “fight to the maximum” and with all his “strength” to win this Grand for the thirteenth time Slam.

On his first days in Paris, and in statements to Eurosport, Nadal said: “Within what is this new normal I can say that I feel fine. I have been able to train for three hours practically every day and the sensations within the current conditions, including the weather, are quite good ».

“The ball, which is new in this tournament, must be taken into account because in the cold it will be heavier,” he added.

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Nadal acknowledged that “there are many differences compared to previous years”, but specified that “those with the greatest decisive impact are the pitch, the ball and the track.”

“I have the maximum enthusiasm as always and among the difficulties that there are due to the circumstances, I will try to generate possibilities,” he said.

«I think about training every day with the attitude, enthusiasm and ambition necessary to be my best. I will fight to the fullest with all my might, “he concluded. EFE (HN).

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