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Nadal lived an unusual moment with a spectator who made him unpleasant gestures

Nadal lived an unusual moment with a spectator who made him unpleasant gestures

Rafael Nadal had aimed his victory over Michael Mmoh in the second round of the Australian Open and it seemed to be one more triumph of the 1006 that he now accumulates in his professional career, but suddenly an unusual situation transformed this presentation into a peculiar apostille of his trajectory. When he was going to start his service with the second favorable set 5-4, a woman stole the limelight of the entire stadium.

It all started with some murmurs that annoyed the Spanish at the start of that tenth game of the second quarter. The world number 2 stretched his serve in anticipation of meeting the usual silence. He spoke to the rostrum, made some gestures in search of complicity, but the bustle continued. Suddenly, the transmission camera went with a woman who was in one of the armchairs: with a defiant gesture, she stared at him and raised her finger with the world-renowned fuck you.

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Rafa’s disoriented laugh immediately gave him the missing chapter to make what happened viral. Nadal hit an ace and then earned another point to go 30-0 in that game. The woman again entered the scene, screaming and waving her arms. Nadal again smiled and made gestures on the spectator who interrupted the game again. Finally, the authorities approached her and decided to invite her to leave the stadium.

A fan expelled from the Australian Open, she entered and paid a ticket to disrespect Rafael Nadal, A hoop and unnecessary pleasure.

“I did not know her, nor do I want to meet her,” said the Majorcan-born with a smile in the interview he conducted from the court after surpassing the 23-year-old tennis player who is ranked 117th. Nadal needed 1 hour and 50 minutes to eliminate with a 6-1, 6-4 and 6-2 this man who came from qualifying and represents the United States.

“I don’t know what happened, the truth… It was me! The woman was doing me like this (imitates the gesture). It wasn’t the referee, it was me. I don’t know, maybe he had had a lot of gin or tequila. Honestly, it was a weird and fun situation at the same time. I don’t know, there are people for everything. For me it was funny. Someone giving me an insult with a finger for no reason. I was surprised. But at the same time I was thinking: ‘Poor woman’, because she must have been drunk or something like that, “she later declared at the press conference. “I am a professional and I am here to accept everything that happens and more if it is someone who was not entirely clear. She has done what her condition allowed and in the end they fired her because she had earned it. At the end of the day it deconcentrates me between service and service but the main affected is my rival because the judge grants me two new serves and I made an ace ”, he added.

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Nadal, who debuted in this tournament with a victory (6-3, 6-4 and 6-1) over Laslo Djere, has two objectives in Australia: to combat his back pain that is hurting him to serve and conquer the 21 Grand Slam title to surpass Roger Federer, an achievement that would make him the most successful winner in history at the most important tournaments on the circuit.

“It is not controlled. I’m not getting the same. I’m being less aggressive, getting cut and I’ve slowed down. At the moment, I am pulling, but the party has not demanded me. The evolution of the back is not as satisfactory as I would like. Tomorrow is a key day because I am going to try a few things. If I do not improve, I will be in a critical situation, “he set off alarms on this issue. For now, the programming matches him in the third phase against the British Cameron Norrie, number 69 in the ranking. (GG) (Infobae)

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