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Nadal object of desire in the Olympic Village

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal is one of the great ones desired by the athletes who live in the Olympic Village of Rio de Janeiro and his presence raises the interest of a large part of the rest of the Olympic athletes to share a photograph or request an autograph.

Nadal decided to stay at the Villa and share the Olympic experience as one more athlete. This was the case in Beijing 2008, when he attended the Olympics for the first time and won the gold medal.

Against the decision of other renowned athletes, who choose to spend their days in hotels in the city and stay out of the Olympic environment outside of competition, Nadal was always clear about his determination to live with other athletes.

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Rafael Nadal does not go unnoticed in the Olympic day to day. He is one of the most mediatic players, constantly stopped by athletes from any other sport to request a selfie and share a memory.

The situation is not unknown for the Balearic, who eight years ago already lived similar moments in Beijing. Then, Nadal broke into the number one in the tennis world for the first time. Spanish was in full swing, becoming one of the benchmarks in world sport.

The move to a backplane due to injuries, his inactivity and his fall in the rankings has not ameliorated the worldwide repercussion of Nadal, who remains one of the most popular athletes in the world of sports. One of the most sought after men.

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Nadal arrived in Rio last Sunday, July 31. Especially moved have been the first days, when the presence and coexistence with the Spanish began to be considered as something unique.

This is what the Olympics have. In addition to everything important about the competition and everything sports you can meet people like this. Sports monsters you live with. You coincide with people who are your idol, “said the Spanish cyclist Juan Peralta, a great admirer of Nadal. that he preferred to attend a tennis player’s training to achieve his shared photo.

The Spanish sprinter revealed that Nadal “is one of the most sought after in the town. He can’t even move. Every few meters they ask for photos. Some even while you’re eating come up to you and interrupt you for photos or autographs. Today, for example, before coming to train, I had to stop every few meters. In the end he had to run away because if he wasn’t late for training ». EFE

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