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Nadal practices the ‘passings’ and Federer isolates himself

Nadal practices the ‘passings’ and Federer isolates himself

The Spanish Rafael Nadal trained this Thursday concentrating on working the ‘passing shots’ with a view to the Wimbledon semifinal match against the Swiss Roger Federer, who decided to isolate himself from the crowds and train in private.

The Spaniard worked out for an hour and a half on court 7 at Wimbledon, in front of a large group of fans.

Nadal began training with a rally with his friend Tomeu Salva, increasingly integrated into the team, and they exchanged blows for about 20 minutes, until Francis Roig, the Spaniard’s coach, joined the training to rally as well.

The practice then went to the net, where Roig sent low balls to Nadal so that he would lift them from the bottom, as a test for the raises that Federer will carry out this Friday.

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Another of the exercises carried out showed Salva sending punches cut from half court and going up to the net, while Nadal tried to pass him.

After practicing volleys, a ‘sparring’ provided by the organization was incorporated that was dedicated to serving for Nadal to exercise the rest.

To conclude, Nadal practiced serving for a few minutes before ending training.

For his part, Federer, to avoid people crowding his training, decided to move it from track 9 at Wimbledon, open to the public, to Aorangi Park, restricted to it.

There, the Swiss, who will seek to avenge the defeat in 2008 against the manacorense, worked alongside the French left-hander Michaël Lloará. EFE

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