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Nadal says goodbye to Wimbledon in the second round

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal stumbled again in the first rounds of the Wimbledon tournament and was defeated today in the second against German Dustin Brown, number 102 in the world.
One more season, Nadal, 29, gave in to an unknown who became great on the center court of the All England Tennis Club in London, as happened in 2012 to the Czech Lukas Rosol, in 2013 to the young Steve Darcis and the last course to the Australian Nick Kyrgios.
In two hours and 34 minutes, the man from Manacori, seeded number ten at La Catedral, arrived in the British capital after losing in the quarterfinals at Roland Garros and having played two tournaments on grass (Stuttgart and Queens).
Despite his victory in Germany just over three weeks ago, Rafa does not seem to feel comfortable on the grass in London, where he has been eliminated the last three years in the second round, first round and fourth round, respectively.
The eccentric Brown, who reached the main draw of the All England Club after passing the previous rounds, had already defeated the winner of 14 ‘majors’ in his only previous confrontation: on the grass of the Halle tournament last year (6-4 and 6-1).
“Coming from qualifying and playing on center court, where I hadn’t been before, it’s wonderful. I thought I was going to notice the nerves, but this meeting was similar to the one in Halle, ”said an emotional Brown after the crash.
“I had nothing to lose. Against Rafa you have to play and use yourself to the fullest. I have been lucky enough to face him on grass, my favorite surface. I certainly wouldn’t want us to play anywhere else,” he declared.
The 196 centimeters tall ‘Rastafarian’, an admirer of Bob Marley, of whom he has a tattoo on his left side, disarmed Nadal with effective play on his preferred surface: serve and volley, serve and volley, serve and volley.
Thus it was, for more than an hour and a half, the entire match of an exultant Brown, who was into everything (77% of points retained with his first serve, which rose to 80% and 89% in the third and fourth set).
The first game of the match, the clash that closed the center court on the fourth day of Wimbledon, was a harbinger of what the match was going to be: blank for the German, with three climbs to the net and their corresponding volleys, and a direct serve.
While Brown was getting it all, Rafa couldn’t overcome the almost two meters of his rival when he went up to the net with his classic ‘passing shot’, which disappeared today.
The one from Manacor slightly improved his tennis in the second set, but this improvement was a mere mirage, and Brown closed the match on his third match point with a convincing 6-4 and 6-4 in the last two sets.
Thus, the man from Manaco, as happened in recent seasons in London, says goodbye to the British “major” at the first opportunity against smaller rivals, ranked 100th in the ATP or lower.
In 2012, it was Lukas Rosol, then a hundred in the world, who lived his night of glory in the British capital, taking down a Nadal who had just won Roland Garros.
A year later it was Darcis’s turn: the Belgian, 135 in the ATP, got rid of a poor Nadal in three sets; while last year it was the young and irreverent Kyrgios, then 19 years old, who brought down the Spanish, who at that time led the world ranking. EFE

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