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Nadal: “What we are preparing gives me hope”

Rafael Nadal pointed out today in his presentation as global ambassador of the firm Tommy Hilfiger in Madrid, that in recent months he has been working together with his uncle Toni and his second coach Francis Roig, “in much more specific things that give air, motivation and enthusiasm ».
“With my uncle and with Francis Roig we are trying to work much more specific things in recent months that give air, motivation and enthusiasm, a little different from what you are doing,” said Nadal, who finished fifth in the world this season.
“It is new and positive energy,” he continued. I am happy with how we are working and so are they, and we hope to go along that same line and grow tennis as we have grown in recent months, “said Nadal, thus discarding any technical change.
«I am finishing this season, and I have taken this week off. I started training again yesterday (Monday), I go day by day. Then I’m going to play the IPTL Asian League in Asia », said Nadal who plans to play two games in Manila,« and then in New Delhi another two, all of them are preparation for next year, “he recalled.
“As soon as Saturday arrives there will be a thorough preparation for next year,” Nadal explained. “I want to give continuity to these last months that have been positive and I believe that if continuity is achieved it will be a positive year,” said the 14 Grand Slams champion.
Regarding his preferences for next year, Nadal said he just waits for events to come “You do what you can in each tournament and then what comes next. I have no greater motivation because it is an Olympic year, “said the Manacor.
“Another thing is that going to play the Olympics is special, but it does not change my motivation, which is the same as when each season begins,” he observed.
«Later, when the Olympics approach, of course for me it is a very, very special competition. I always say that I have missed many tournaments, due to injuries, but when I missed the ones in 2012, this was one of the ones that hurt me the most, ”Nadal recalled.
“I hope to be prepared, and have a good year, and hopefully when they arrive I will be well prepared. I will try to reach everyone in the best conditions. You don’t believe those things, you don’t choose them. Now, what I want is to arrive very well prepared for the first tournament of the year, which will be in Doha, and then be well to play well in Australia and continue well, “said the Spanish southpaw.
«In the world of tennis, it is not like in other sports, which is all more mathematical and brands are sought. Or when you have to run or swim at a certain speed that you know that will give you success, “he said.
“Tennis is a daily competition, of sensations, with which one cannot predict or prepare thoroughly to reach a single tournament well. It is a physical, mental and trustworthy tennis state. It is much more complex, “he clarified about how each competition is reached.
“You want to hope to find positive feelings and when you do, they last as long as possible,” added Nadal. EFE.

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