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Nadal wins his twelfth Roland Garros

Nadal wins his twelfth Roland Garros

Spanish Rafael Nadal won his twelfth Roland Garros title this Sunday, defeating Austrian Dominic Thiem, 6-3, 5-7, 6-1 and 6-1, thus becoming the player who has repeated the most times. triumph in the same Grand Slam

Fifteen years after his first victory on the clay of Paris, Nadal needed three hours and 1 minute to write a new page in his legendary history.

With this triumph, the Spaniard surpasses the Australian Margaret Court, who had won the Australian Open eleven times between 1960 and 1973.

Just turned 33, Nadal already has 18 Grand Slam titles, two less than the Swiss Roger Federer, the record man in this section, three more than the Serbian Novak Djokovic, third in the career of the greats.

«It’s incredible, I can’t explain my feelings. It was already a dream to play for the first time here in 2005, I could not imagine that in 2019 I would be here again, “Nadal said from the court.

The Spaniard won his twelfth Musketeers Cup against Thiem, the same rival last year, the tennis player everyone describes as his heir because of how well he moves on clay.

“I am convinced that he has a chance to win here one day, he has the potential and the ambition to achieve it,” Nadal said.

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If last year he did not manage to start a set, this time the Austrian showed that he has taken another step to get closer to the king of the land and scored a sleeve. His tennis He has gained weight and strength, as he demonstrated in the semifinals by beating a Djokovic who is the number 1 in the world.

But Thiem is still far from a Nadal who on the center court of Paris takes on an almost mystical dimension. His tennis he is sublime, he controls all the elements of the game and, as he demonstrated in the semi-finals against Federer, he is capable of tame even a gale.

Nadal has made his mark in three decades of this tournament, where he has only lost 2 times and has won 93 games. On the Parisian ocher, the Spaniard embittered Federer, stopped Djokovic’s onslaught and now seems to curb Thiem’s ​​ambition. His kingdom knows no rival.

It is true that Thiem faced the duel with more fatigue, forced to play four days in a row due to inclement weather that respected Nadal. But that, by itself, does not explain his second defeat in the final against the Spaniard.

Like last year, Thiem came in briskly, eager to deal face to face with the owner of the place. Dynamite came out of his racket, answered by the Spanish gunpowder, which was reflected in an intense and lucid first round. Level ten, two titans with different weapons, each putting their best arguments on the sand.

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A faithful apprentice to his teacher, the Austrian seemed Nadal at times. He returned those balls that normally serve to earn a point and that, sent to the other side of the court, become poisoned gifts, because nobody likes having to win twice what it has cost so much to get one.

Thus, seated on a silk back, one of those with a hand that gives so much oxygen, Thiem became a wall before which Nadal’s gunpowder seemed wet.

How long could the Austrian festival last? She took a 3-2 lead and served, while Philippe Chatrier began to lick her lips thinking that she would finally have a disputed final.

But Nadal did not take long to react, with deeper balls he regained the initiative of the match, recovered the service and with a series of four consecutive games won, he placed the contest on his side.

What must be done to win over this monster? Nicolás Massu’s pupil had to ask himself, who had just displayed a great tennis and he could see himself with the water around his neck.

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Before a crowd divided between those who wanted to see the myth grow even more and those who were crying out for the transfer of powers, Thiem varied the strategy. Shorter points that sustained the Spanish push in a calmer second set.

Nadal lowered the piston and was surprised in the twelfth, in which he gave up the service and the set. The first that Thiem snatched from him in four duels in Paris. The first the Spanish lost in a final at Roland Garros since 2014.

Major disgust in the Balearic, who jumped like a child who had his favorite toy taken away. Result, 16 points to one, two service breaks and 4-0. A blow to Thiem’s ​​morale, who must have thought that it is better not to disturb the beast and who gave up the set winning only seven points.

This way it is not easy to reengage, especially when on the other side you do not notice a crack. Nadal already saw, together with Rod Laver, the myth of tennis Australian, the cup that has won more than anyone and his desire to lift it was on the rise. It only remained to go to pick it up and the Spanish put the direct. EFE

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