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Naoya Inoue: “If Omar Narváez wants, I’ll give him revenge”

A warm applause received the Japanese Naoya Inoue, WBO world champion of the super fly division, at the 28th convention of that body at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista.
The convention, which has brought together more than three hundred people, also brought together boxing figures, such as Donnie Nietes and Orlando Salido. Among them, radiant and measured, in an elegant and modern dark suit, appeared Naoya Inoue, whom many consider today not only a kind of “child prodigy of boxing.” They call him “The Monster.” He was champion of the East and the Pacific, and also Japanese champion. In addition, he has two world championships, achieved in only 8 fights, at the age of 22, completed on April 22. Precisely for all that, he is one of the great boxing figures of the next few years.
Naoya Inoue won 7 of his 8 fights by categorical means. He was a WBC light fly champion and then won the World Organization super fly championship against Argentine Omar Narváez, whom he defeated by knockout in 2 rounds on December 30.
Narváez, who suffered several falls, confessed that in the last one, due to a hook to the liver, he decided to stay on the ground: “It was too much, that night I couldn’t win …”
With the invaluable collaboration of a legendary Japanese boxing figure, Joe Koizumi, we had the opportunity to briefly chat with Inoue, who after a two-day visit, left again for her country.
Omar Narváez returned recently, beating Dominican Diego Pichardo on points. He won the WBO International title – vacant crown – and said he only hopes a rematch with you.
Well, I know there is a signed rematch. If so, it will be fulfilled, as it should be. Mine happens to fight. Narváez is a great champion, but with me he couldn’t defend himself. If he wants to have another chance, no problem.
Narváez expressed that, more than anything, he cared about getting in the ring at 40 years old. That was October 11 and now he hopes to do one more match before the end of the year.
And that speaks to his tremendous sportsmanship. I congratulate you.
So his idea of ​​fighting you again is valid.
Yes, I have an engagement in December and I think that, by April, we could face each other again.
Inoue is scheduled to meet Warlito Parrenas on December 29 in Tokyo, where he will expose the crown won against Narváez. His rival, of Filipino origin, has a history of 24 won fights (21 by knockout), 6 losses and a draw.
Narváez fell easy to Inoue in December
At 31, he doesn’t seem like a dangerous rival for the Japanese, who has been left inactive by an injury to his right hand since his victory over the Argentine.
Narváez maintains that he received a cold blow from which he did not recover. And that with that blow you may have injured yourself …
It is possible… everything can be… I did my thing and went up to win, and I won. For me, beyond the great age difference, having beaten a great champion like Omar Narváez is a source of pride, because he is a first-rate figure in the world order.
How is the right hand?
I had an injury, but he’s better than ever.
Can you imagine a rematch with Narváez?
With all due respect, yes: and I don’t think it could be very different from the first one, although I suppose it will come out to defend itself more than the previous one. Maybe he thought that since I’m very young, it would be easier for him, but it wasn’t. I hope the other takes more care, which he will, but honestly, I don’t think he can beat my speed. In the previous fight, the key was, precisely, not to let him think or build his defense, which is extraordinary. And everything went as planned. There were no problems nor could he create them. I did not give time to anything …
Is it possible that you decide to upgrade?
Not for now: I’m comfortable and fine at this weight, so why change?
May I have something? Send my regards to Omar Narváez and tell him that I look forward to it, I have no problem giving him a revenge.
And then, after a couple of curtsies, he went on his way. (Courtesy Carlos Irusta,

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