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NASCAR will waive practice and qualifying for the remainder of the season

NASCAR will waive practice and qualifying for the remainder of the season

The NASCAR motorsports series announced that the remainder of its 2020 season races will be held without practice or qualifying, as a measure to limit risks from the coronavirus pandemic.

“This measure is part of an ongoing effort to limit training time for teams, officials, security workers and other essential personnel in accordance with health protocols for COVID-19,” NASCAR said in a statement.

This reduction in the schedule of NASCAR events had already been applied in almost all races since the return of the series on May 17, after a 10-week hiatus due to the pandemic.

Since testing was restarted, only two events have been held with practice or qualification.

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“The current format has worked well to address various challenges during our return to racing. Most importantly, we’ve seen competitive races week by week, ”said Scott Miller, NASCAR’s senior vice president of Competition.

In the absence of qualifications, the series has determined the starting grid for races through random drawings, although Miller noted that that system could change before the start of the NASCAR playoffs, scheduled for September 6 at the Darlington Circuit. AFP (HN).

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