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NBA changes ball after 37 years

NBA changes ball after 37 years

Times change in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and not only in terms of players, franchises and new technologies, since one of the essential elements for competition, such as the ball, will also be part of a historical event.

The above, since when the new champion of the competition is crowned, no later than July 22, the organization will end its relationship with the sports brand Spalding, which has been providing the balls since the 1984 season and remained in a commercial relationship. for 37 years.

Through its official channels, the NBA has presented its new ball, which was designed by the American company Wilson, which was present in the first three decades of the competition, and which already provided this clothing to the WNBA (basketball feminine).

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The new NBA ball after 37 years

“Nobody was asking for major changes, but what they wanted was consistency; These are the best players in the world and they have a certain level of expectations. That’s why when we started working with the NBA, we all agreed that we are not going to change the specifications, “said Kevin Murphy, general manager of Wilson Team Sports to the Yahoo Sports portal. (Bolavip)

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