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NBA does not rule out one or two week hiatus due to Covid-19

NBA does not rule out one or two week hiatus due to Covid-19

Days of great uncertainty are coming in the NBA. According to the latest reports, in this case by journalist Jason Dumas, although Adam Silver remains optimistic about the continuation of the season once January is over; It is also not ruled out that the League decides to put a pause of one or two weeks to the 2020-21 campaign due to the rapid increase in positive cases of coronavirus within the squads.

This is undoubtedly due to the three game suspensions the NBA has had in less than 48 hours. While the Mavericks-Pelicans and Bulls-Celtics games were postponed on Monday, the Celtics-Heat meeting had also been suspended on Sunday. Additionally, the situation is still unclear in Miami, with numerous players expected to be out as a result of possible exposure to COVID-19.

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Despite these reports, as long as the virus allows it, the NBA is prepared for multiple game suspensions. And he remains optimistic that once February arrives, the number of cases will have decreased.

This was stated by League spokesman Mike Bass: “We anticipate there will be game postponements this season and we plan the schedule accordingly. There are no plans to stop the season and we will continue to be guided by our medical experts, and health and safety protocols. “

As a quick response to the situation in recent hours, the NBA has scheduled a special meeting of owners to determine next steps. The main objective will be to discuss possible changes in the established health protocols, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

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The League is concerned that while the daily tests are being quite effective, infected players can be contagious even before testing positive, and this would facilitate the spread of the virus. Apparently, the most effective solution that the NBA would see is to limit as much as possible those interactions of the players with each other that were avoidable. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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