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NBA establishes new protocol of security measures against COVID-19

NBA establishes new protocol of security measures against COVID-19

With only a couple of weeks to go until the new season begins, the NBA has published a protocol that establishes the different security measures that must be followed due to COVID-19. The 134-page document has been sent to the league’s 30 franchises, and it contains the various precautions that must be taken so that the new season can be played safely. The league has kept many of the rules that were successfully implemented in Orlando, although this time it will have the added difficulty of having to apply them outside of the bubble.

One of the most important elements is the way forward in case a player tests positive. To begin with, those affected will not be able to participate in any training in the first 10 days after the test or the appearance of the first symptoms, and once this period has passed, they will have to spend two days in which they can only train on their own, without entering in contact with anyone. Therefore, the minimum period of time that any player who tests positive will be lost is 12 days.

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However, not only waiting 12 days to return is enough, since two alternative routes have been established to allow those affected to rejoin. The simplest is based on tests, which establishes that players who show two negative CRPs separated by a period of 24 hours can rejoin their teams. The other, based on time, is more complex, since it establishes that 10 days must have passed since the first positive or the first symptoms, 24 hours since the fever has disappeared without the use of drugs or medications, and that there must be an improvement or disappearance of the rest of the symptoms.

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For their part, teams that have a case will have to follow several steps. To begin, they should inform the local authorities, and then contact all those close to them to avoid the spread of the virus. In addition, the facilities will be closed until they are completely disinfected, and the infected person must be isolated at home.

The NBA recognizes that positive cases are quite likely, but is confident that these measures will reduce exposure and transmission of the virus. In addition, it points out that the appearance of some infections will not imply the suspension of the season, since many of the measures are aimed at ensuring that infected people do not infect third parties and that there is no risk of massive spread. (GG) (NBA MANIACS)

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