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NBA fines Kyrie Irving and Nets $ 25,000 for not attending press

NBA fines Kyrie Irving and Nets $ 25,000 for not attending press

We learned last week that Kyrie Irving decided not to speak to the press this season. The point guard decided not to show up for the Nets’ Media Week, instead posting a statement on his social media.

What Irving overlooked is that part of the contract NBA players have includes that they must be available to speak to the media. For this reason, Shams Charania of The Athletic, has announced that the League decided to fine the player and also the Nets with $ 25,000 each for his failure to appear before journalists.

Irving’s history with the media has been fraught with friction as of late. His statements always leave the occasional controversy, even from outside the field of basketball, and he always receives criticism from both fans and the press.

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But as much as Irving wants to talk only about his game, the NBA tries to mark the field and remind him that serving the media is part of his job. It is true that most players do not enjoy talking to journalists, answering questions that they feel are simplistic or have nothing to do with the game; and the League does not want to let this become a habit.

For this reason, the NBA makes it clear with this sanction that it does not intend to give the arm to twist. To continue expanding its brand, it needs all the members of the League, serving the mass media. Irving will have to understand that, especially with his special status as a superstar for a New York team, with all that that implies. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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