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NBA recommends booster shots to all its staff

NBA recommends booster shots to all its staff

The NBA has told its players, coaches and umpires that they should receive booster doses against the coronavirus, with special urgency for those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in a single injection.

The league and the players association, working together under the parameters of the NBA’s public health and infectious disease experts, indicated that those who received Johnson & Johnson vaccines more than two months ago would need a booster. The recommendation for an additional dose was also made for those who were inoculated with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines at least six months ago.

The league’s recommendations, obtained by The Associated Press, say that those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine seek a booster from Pfizer or Moderna first. Those who received Pfizer or Moderna will be able to inject with any available booster, the league said.

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The data supporting the league’s determinations showed that antibody levels for those inoculated with Pfizer and Moderna decrease after six months, and after two months for those who were vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson.

Some teams already planned for their players to receive reinforcements as soon as possible. A small of vaccinated players has tested positive this season for COVID-19, having to enter the league’s sanitary protocol.

Among those who have tested positive recently is Tobias Harris. The Philadelphia 76ers player suffered from symptoms of the disease, coach Doc Rivers confirmed.

“Okay, but not quite right … It affected him,” Rivers said last week. “To many it has given them this and they get angry because they feel good. Tobias is not in that category right now. “

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In some cases, players who have previously been vaccinated but choose not to receive a booster will need to be retested on match day, starting December 1.

It is estimated that nearly 97% of NBA players had been vaccinated when the season kicked off last season. (AP)

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