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NBA resumes discussions for future expansion

As ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has reported, the NBA is in serious discussions to allow an expansion to include two new teams. This would stem from the low earnings the League is receiving amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the large amount of cash that expansion fees would provide.

Without a date set in the short term for fans to safely return to the stadiums, even more earnings are expected to be diminished. So the entry fee for two new teams could be a huge relief to the franchise coffers.

The same journalist has reported that within the NBA offices an entry value of 2.5 billion dollars has been established for each of the two teams that are included in a future expansion. This would be equivalent to 166 million for each franchise of the 30 currently existing.

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If the extension for those sums were finally finalized, it would be a record for a sports franchise sale in the United States. The current maximum is the $ 2.35 billion that Joseph Tsai paid for the Nets in 2019.

The NBA could have new franchises practically anywhere. But the most likely and long-standing destinations are the cities of Seattle and Las Vegas. The League expects a large number of offers from those cities. While other locations could be Kansas City, Louisville, or even Mexico City.

The possibility of a new team in Seattle would return NBA basketball to a city with a lot of history, where the Supersonics played from 1967 to 2008. As for Las Vegas, a team in that location would have thousands of tourists as potential ticket buyers. throughout the season.

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During his time at the helm of the NBA, Adam Silver has stayed quite a long way from concreting an expansion, although he has never ruled out the possibility. But in recent weeks the rumors have started to grow given the financial chaos that has taken place for much of the past year. Establishing these values ​​for the entry of future teams, puts on the table an imminent expansion that could take place sooner rather than later. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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