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NBA toughens the use of masks

While the NBA has done relatively well when it comes to containing COVID-19, the new waves of the virus beginning to grow around the world are not causing anyone to relax. In this sense, the League plans to further toughen the rules that teams must submit to.

As reported by Shams Charania of The Athletic, as of today, Tuesday, all active players must wear a mask on the benches until they hit the pitch. And in the same way, it is strongly recommended that they use it again once they are replaced, although the latter will not be mandatory.

Previously, the NBA only required inactive players who were at the foot of the court to wear a mask, which will continue to be required. In addition, all members of the coaching staff must also continue to use it.

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This news comes on the heels of the report that Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant will have to self-quarantine for a week and miss several games due to alleged exposure to the coronavirus. In addition to KD, Bulls point guard Tomas Satoransky has tested positive along with a Chicago support staff member; as well as several members of the Clippers support staff.

The word of Adam Silver

Faced with this situation, the League prefers to toughen measures to try to minimize infections. Adam Silver and the NBA are facing a season unprecedented in history, and their main concern right now is keeping players, coaches and other team members as safe as possible; while they wait for the implementation of the vaccines under study. Although I do not try in any way to use the power of the League to access them.

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“There’s no way we’re going to jump the line in any way,” Silver said. “And for the most part, because our players are so young and healthy, they won’t be a high priority for vaccines. There are other members of the NBA community working on the court who are older and will have a higher priority to receive it. “

“It is very likely that we are part of some public service campaigns, encouraging people to get vaccinated when appropriate,” added the commissioner. “But until then, we’ll just be watching and waiting.”

At the moment it has not been established if players will be required to obtain the vaccine, when it is available for the NBA. Although surely many choose to do so. Meanwhile, Silver and the League offices are doing their best to keep everyone safe while continuing the normal course of the season. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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