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New York Mets sign catcher James McCann for four seasons

New York Mets sign catcher James McCann for four seasons

In the absence of receivers on their roster prior to the start of the 2021 preseason, the Mets have finally delivered the first blow of authority on the table. JT Realmuto was not chosen, however, New York has managed to sign free agent James McCann, who last season was behind the plate of the Chicago White Sox.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the columnist who first reported on this deal, the deal between McCann and the Mets is for four years and $ 40 million. It took a few days for the receiver’s hiring with the Queens team to be finally announced.

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Previously it was said that the Mets had as their first option to acquire Realmuto, but unexpectedly the course of the ship took another path until finally the Queens, now under the orders of billionaire Steve Cohen, were inclined to sign James McCann.

The past two MLB seasons for the 30-year-old McCann have been the best of his career on offense since he made his debut in the Big Top in 2014. As a White Sox element he hit: .276 / .334 / .474, plus he hit 25 home runs and produced 75 runs. (GG) (Al Bat)

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