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Nicaraguan “Chocolatito” González retains his world title

Nicaraguan “Chocolatito” González retains his world title

The controversial Nicaraguan fighter Román “Chocolatito” González beat Mexican Israel “Jiga” González this Friday by unanimous vote and retained his super flyweight belt from the World Boxing Association.

“Chocolatito” needed to show part of the boxing that led him to be the best pound for pound three years ago to cut off the most powerful rival, who disrespected him, although he was outmatched.

The “Jiga” proposed long-distance combat, but soon the Nicaraguan began to make a difference in his favor, with an advantage in exchanges.

With good waist movements, the Mexican escaped from the attacks, however the rival repeatedly placed him against the ropes and gradually accumulated an advantage, although he never put the opposite in bad condition.

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The Central American hit the liver well, handled his jab well and moved better, although at times, such as in the fourth and tenth rounds, Israel González made an impact on the opponent’s anatomy with his straight forehand.

In the finals, the Mexican forced the fight and the Nicaraguan maintained the initiative to ensure victory with votes of 118-110, 116-112 and 117-111.

The “Chocolatito” has lost popularity in his country due to its support for President Daniel Ortega, whom human rights organizations blame for the death of hundreds of opponents since 2018, however in the ring he confirmed to maintain his high level.

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With the victory he reached 50 wins, 41 by “knockout”, with a couple of setbacks, while the “Jiga” added his fourth failure with 25 wins, 11 on the fast track.

Shortly before the Mexican Julio César “Rey” Martínez gave a lesson in good boxing to his compatriot Moisés Callero and defeated him by “knockout” in the second round to retain the flyweight title of the World Boxing Council (WBC).

With a good left-handed hook that caused a protection count in the first round and a barrage of punches in the second, Martínez reached 17 wins, 13 on the fast track, with a backhand and Callero added his 10th setback, with 33 wins. , 17 for “knockout”, with a draw.

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In the stellar fight of the card Francisco ‘Gallo’ Estrada will expose the WBC super flyweight belt against Carlos Cuadras, in a lawsuit between Mexicans.

If he wins, the “Gallo” could be seen with the “Chocolatito” in a fight to unify titles, which could be one of the most anticipated in world boxing in the coming months. EFE (HN).

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