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Nicolas Anelka: “Messi has six Ballon d’Ors and he’s not so extraordinary”

Nicolas Anelka: “Messi has six Ballon d’Ors and he’s not so extraordinary”

Since Lionel Messi arrived at PSG, the debate after every game has always revolved around him in France. While some praise him, others question him for not having debuted on the net in the 11 dates that go into the championship.

Although he was able to convert in the last two Champions League games against Manchester City and Leipzig, the Argentine did not manage to be decisive in the duels he participated in Ligue 1 and many considered that it is due to the fact that he is undergoing a process of adaptation after spend his entire football career in Barcelona.

However, the former Barça player is not the only one in the sights. After the last draw of the Parisian team against Marseille 0-0 in what was the French Classic, Neymar was another of those targeted. The local press assured that the Brazilian is not the same as the one from the first years in the entity and it was at that point that the former French striker Nicolas Anelka stopped.

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When asked about the performance of the Paulista, the former Real Madrid star, who started at PSG and after his retirement became one of the critics of Pochettino’s team, compared the level of both stars in a conversation with the program Radial Rothen S’enflamme by RMC.

“Today we demand from Neymar, but we can do the same with Messi. Since the beginning of the season it is not extraordinary either. There is a player who has six Ballons d’Or and in the end he is not so extraordinary ”, he considered.

At the same time, he explained that the Brazilian, “is going through a difficult time. If the coach thinks he has to play to regain his level, he makes him play. Leaving him aside or replacing him to break his morale is not going to fix things “and added:” Besides, he has a great salary, he is a star of French and world football. He is one of the best players in the league, although right now he is fighting to prove it. “

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“(Neymar) can do nothing, as afterwards he can do everything on the field. You never know what will happen to him on the pitch. Pochettino trusts him and even without Neymar being well, the team continues to win, ”explained the former Arsenal and Manchester City, among others.

Anelka, who later returned to his words to emphasize that a player like Messi cannot be questioned, stated that “the most important thing is that the three (Messi, Neymar and Mbappé) achieve a good level together .

In any case, with the draw against Marseille, PSG continues to lead the French league with a seven-point advantage over its immediate pursuer Lens (21 points). This Friday, without Kylian Mbappé absent due to injury, the two former Barcelona will have a new opportunity to show what they are made of when they face Lille for the twelfth date of the tournament. (Infobae)

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