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Oakland Athletics acquire most desired southpaw in MLB market

Oakland Athletics acquire most desired southpaw in MLB market

The Oakland Athletes acquired reliever Andrew Chafin from the Chicago Cubs in the MLB.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Oakland Athletics are sending Minor League outfielder Greg Deichmann and another player to be named later in exchange for Chafin’s services. Deichmann was chosen in the 2017 draft by the Athletics, now he returns to the team that gave him his first opportunity.

Four days before the trade deadline, the Oakland Athletics have gotten what they were looking for, a luxury reliever who will bolster the bullpen alongside their other key players.

However, they did not acquire an ordinary reliever, but left-hander Andrew Chafin, who is 0-2 with a 2.06 ERA in 39 innings of work with 37 strikeouts in MLB 2021.

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There is no other left-handed reliever with numbers like these in the exchange market, obviously there are better relievers, but they are not available for trade this season.

We are talking about a 31-year-old pitcher with 6’2 of height, 220 pounds and 9 seasons of experience in the MLB, he has played for the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks.

There’s no question that if the Cubs hadn’t had Craig Kimbrel these past two seasons, they had someone to answer with, that would be Andrew Chafin. (Fielding)

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