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Oakland Athletics trade star to Texas

Oakland Athletics trade star to Texas

Unimaginable! The Oakland Athletics sent their long-time MLB franchise player Khris Davis on a trade after a trade Saturday afternoon that also involved Elvis Andrus.

Both Khris Davis’ productivity and popularity have dropped considerably in the last two seasons for the MLB, who for years was the best player in the Athletics franchise but has only accumulated a horrible .217 batting percentage since the 2019 campaign. in the Major Leagues, just a case similar to that of Elvis Andrus, who had lost his starting job.

The Texas Rangers in the trade with the Athletics would be receiving a fairly extensive package in the trade, who apart from Khris Davis would also be receiving right-hander Dane Acker, as well as catcher Jonah Heim; while the Rangers then aside from Andrus and a player to be mentioned later, would be sending cash considerations.

Elvis Andrus, a great shortstop who was always in the sights of powerful franchises, but goes to Oakland, a modest club that always advances to postseason.

Elvis Andrus would be going to the Atléticos organization after they lost their star shortstop in free agency, but who would receive the Venezuelan veteran, who despite considerably lowering his offensive level continues to have good hands to defend the team in the MLB .

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The Athletics, who have declared to be presenting considerable financial problems in recent years, would be freeing themselves from payments of $ 16 million dollars that would be paid to Khris Davis in the 2021 campaign in the MLB, just when his contract with the organization would end. . (GG) (Fielding)

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