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One of Michael Schumacher’s historic cars to be auctioned

One of Michael Schumacher’s historic cars to be auctioned

As the mystery surrounding Michael Schumacher’s health grows ever greater, all the objects that were part of his life are transformed into relics for millionaire collectors.

One of the latest treasures to appear on the scene is the mythical Ferrari F2001 with which the German won the fourth Formula 1 title of his career: it will be auctioned on November 16 at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Auction in New York.

The car is preserved as Schumacher left it after winning the title in August 2001 at the Hungarian Grand Prix: the driver’s seat, seat belt, steering wheel and engine are still there.

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The Ferrari is not owned by the team, since for years it has been in the hands of a private collector who decided not to make any kind of modification to it. Now he will put it up for sale and its price, they estimate, could exceed 4 million dollars. RM Sotheby’s will be in charge of managing the sale.

While this type of historic vehicle is usually auctioned at classic car fan gatherings, this time it will be offered at one of New York’s most distinguished venues in a catalog featuring Andy Warhol and Mark Rothko paintings.

In November they will put on sale the Ferrari F2001 with which the German driver was crowned champion of Formula 1. It is estimated that the price could exceed 4 million dollars

The auction company justified the presence of the Ferreri F2001 because they consider it to be “the last work of art created with a practical purpose.” Art director Grégoire Billault said: “It is perfectly fitting because Ferrari and Schumacher are the biggest names in motor racing, with a place in the collective imagination synonymous with the highest achievements in their field.”

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In recent weeks, the pilot’s former manager, Willi Weber, was angered by the lack of information about Schumi’s health: “I find it very unfortunate that Michael’s fans don’t know anything about his health. Why aren’t they told the truth? ‘

The German athlete has been in a coma since December 2013, when he suffered an accident while skiing in France that caused serious brain injuries. (Infobae)

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