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Organizers introduce changes to the Singapore GP

The organizers of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix today announced changes to the layout of turns 11, 12 and 13 of the circuit ahead of the competition to be held on 20 September.
The changes affect the route through Connaught and Fullerton streets, Anderson Bridge and Esplanade Street, according to a statement posted on the official website.
Organizers have tightened a right turn (Turn 11) that, without transition, takes the vehicle into a left turn (Turn 12) into Fullerton Street.
The modification will allow drivers to reach up to 200 kilometers per hour at Fullerton and the continuation, the Anderson Bridge, before reaching a left turn (Turn 13) that leads to Esplanade.
The organizers have widened the access to turn 13 by one meter to favor overtaking.
Likewise, a 220-meter-long bridge has been installed in another section of the route that will offer a privileged position for spectators to follow the race.
“I hope that the modifications to Turns 11-13 will allow for a more competitive race and offer more opportunities for overtaking,” said engineer Jonathan Giesecke, who is overseeing the remodel. EFE

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