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Óscar De La Hoya warns that Munguía will not have an easy rival

Óscar De La Hoya warns that Munguía will not have an easy rival

Former world champion and promoter Óscar de la Hoya assured this Saturday that Mexican Jaime Munguía, super welterweight champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), must be careful against his rival, Ghanaian Patrick Allotey.

«The rival is an African, so from the beginning he is strong and difficult, I faced several boxers from that part of the world and I really suffered because most of them have a strong jaw and ample resistance, so Munguía knows that he will not have it simple “De la Hoya told Efe.

Jaime Munguía (33-0-0, 26 ko’s) will have his fifth defense of the WBO super welterweight championship on September 14 in Carson, California against Allotey who has accumulated 40 wins by 3 losses and has not lost since 2015.

De La Hoya said he hopes to see an improvement in Munguía’s boxing quality by having former Mexican champion Erick ‘Terrible’ Morales support him in his corner.

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«The good thing is that Jaime is a disciplined fighter, he trains hard, I came to see him in Tijuana and his progress surprised me. Now with Erick Morales he wants to polish his blows and his strategy, so he has everything in place to show that he will stay as world champion for a long time.

Munguía, 22, will fight for the third time so far in 2019. In January he beat Takeshi Inoue and in April he beat Dennis Hogan. After fighting Allotey, he will consider whether to drop the 154-pound category, Oscar de la Hoya said.

“We will see how he feels after the weigh-in, on September 13, that is where you notice if he can continue to maintain his weight. Munguía is disciplined, he listens to the doctors, he listens to diets, but it all depends on the development of the body, because he is young and has yet to grow, so he may move up a category ».

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De la Hoya trusted that Munguía can fill the arena in Carson, California, on a special date for Mexicans who celebrate independence and traditionally attend boxing to see stars from this country.

«Since Julio César Chávez there has been a tradition. Last year it was Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, but now it’s Munguía’s turn. They say he is defensive, however I think the opposite, that he is obedient and respects the times of a fight, he does not get carried away, so for those who like fine boxing they will have a good display ».

Óscar de la Hoya, promoter of Golden Boy Productions, manages the career of Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, who will not fight on the second Saturday in September to commemorate the independence of Mexico as he does not have a suitable rival for it.

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The promoter assured that a date will be given shortly for Álvarez’s return to the ring.

“It was a shame not to be able to carry out a grand function in Las Vegas this year as Mexicans are used to seeing, but it was disrespectful if we put a lesser rival against Álvarez. We work to present better fights to the public and take care of quality, “he concluded. EFE

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