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“Out of danger” co-driver of Ecuadorian Guayasamín injured in the Dakar

“Out of danger” co-driver of Ecuadorian Guayasamín injured in the Dakar
Argentine Mauro Lipez, co-driver of Ecuadorian Sebastián Guayasamín, with whom he suffered an accident in one of the dunes on the Dakar Rally route in Peru, is “out of danger” after receiving a severe blow to the back during the accident.
This is what Guayasamín assured Efe today, commenting that they got a “good scare” in the accident from which they took Lipez out by air ambulance to take him to the Peruvian capital, Lima.
“He’s out of danger now, heading to Buenos Aires,” Guayasamín said by WhatsApp message, who returns to Ecuador tomorrow after having to leave the competition due to the accident.
The Chevrolet Dakar team reported yesterday in a statement that it left the rally in the second stage that “it was a tough test with cut dunes, inclement weather and demanding navigation.”
“An aggressive stage, with many dunes, caused several crews to be out of the competition, an unfortunate accident in one of them forced the Chevrolet Dakar team to say goodbye to the 2018 rally edition,” he noted.
He indicated that “a sand trap with a blind fall that was not marked on the route sheet took its toll on the crew, because when he fell in a frontal blow, the co-pilot Mauro Lipez hit his back hard and had to be transferred to the Ica hospital, in one of the helicopters of the race organization »and then to Lima.
Last December, Guayasamín had indicated to Efe that the South American team of which he is a part had invested more than 300,000 dollars in the process to participate in the 2018 Dakar rally, which runs through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.
This year’s participation was for Guayasamín the fourth in the competition, who was born about forty years ago on the Paris-Dakar route and in 2009 he moved to South America.
Guayasamín is a businessman and the only Ecuadorian car driver who has participated and finished the journey in the South American version of the Dakar, in which the Ecuadorian Juan José “Jota” Ponce also participates, as co-driver of the Peru Cross Country team: Duro 4 × 4, together with the Peruvian pilot Diego Weber.
Guayasamín had detailed that in total there are about 400 participants between motorcycles, quadricycles, cars and trucks, in the competition that began on January 6 in the Peruvian capital, Lima, and that will end on the 20th of this month in the Argentine city of Córdoba . EFE
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