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Pacquiao will reluctantly allow his son to take up boxing

Pacquiao will reluctantly allow his son to take up boxing

Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao said he will reluctantly allow his oldest son to follow in his boxing footsteps after Emmanuel Jr reproached him for “killing” his dream of success in the ring.

Pacquiao, a winner of eight titles at eight different weights, said he couldn’t bear the thought of seeing his 19-year-old son get hurt.

“I told him that boxing is tough, training is tough, everything is tough. But he said, ‘Daddy, boxing is my passion,’ “Pacquiao, 40, told the Rappler news site.

“I told him, ‘son, this is my line, you have to copy my line,'” he added, acknowledging that Emmanuel Jr’s responses softened his initial opposition.

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Known for his rise from the streets to the top of boxing, Pacquiao said his wife Jinkee was convinced the boy, known as Jimuel, shouldn’t box.

«Then Jimuel told her ‘Mommy, you are killing my dream’. What can we do? So we left him, ”he continued.

«He is training every day. I see him in his room watching my matches almost every day. It hurts because I know how hard boxing is, I can’t bear to see my son beat up. It’s okay if I’m the one getting hit, ”he added.

Pacquiao, who is 61-7 with two draws and 39 knockouts, defeated American Adrian Broner in January to retain the World Boxing Association (WBA) regular welterweight title. He continues to aspire to get revenge against the retired and undefeated Floyd Mayweather, who beat him by unanimous decision in 2015. AFP

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