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Panamanian Atheyna Bylon looks to Tokyo 2020 as her Olympic rematch

Panamanian Atheyna Bylon looks to Tokyo 2020 as her Olympic rematch

Atheyna Bylon does not want to leave anything to chance for the start of the next Olympic cycle, and that is why she has intensified her training to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which she sees as a rematch.

The amateur world champion and agent of the Panamanian national police Bylon told EFE today that she works all week. “I train from Monday to Saturday in the gym, on Sunday I run in the morning and rest in the afternoon.”

Atheyna works at the Pedro ‘Rockero’ Alcázar gym in the populous neighborhood of Curundú, where a lot of emphasis was placed on speed and defense, in addition to the physical work that was done before putting on the gloves to train with the Panamanian coach Rigoberto Garibaldi .

The boxer focuses her training on the Bolivarian Games and Central American Games that will take place in November and December, respectively.

“You have to participate in the events of the Central American Games and Bolivarian Games, they are part of the Olympic cycle that is already beginning,” he commented.

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The Panamanian, who already knows what it is to fight in the Olympic Games, precisely in Rio 2016, fell in her debut against the Brazilian Andreia Bandeira in the 69-75 kg category, although this defeat does not take away her desire to seek a rematch in Tokyo 2020.

“We are working hard to be in Tokyo, I want to get to Tokyo and be able to represent Panama in other Olympic Games,” he said.

In addition to the Olympic Games, the boxer also has the World Cup on her agenda. boxing feminine that will be given next year.

“I want to go to the World Cup next year at my weight, at 69 kilograms, and represent the country well,” said the fighter, who in 2014 won the gold medal for Panama at the World Cup. boxing in the South Korean city of Jeju.

Bylon has another international blank scheduled for the end of August. «I will travel to the Dominican Republic, where I will compete in the Roman Cup of Boxing«.

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He has won a gold medal three times in this event. “Of the four times that I have competed in the 2013-2014-2015 editions, I have come out with the championship.”

“More than 13 countries go to this cup, it will be a great blank for me in the face of the next commitments,” he said.

The Roman Cup will be part of this year’s international training for Atheyna, who pointed out that it has already started in the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

He anticipated that the training is quite advanced and that “one hundred percent work due to the closeness of the competition.”

“Since the beginning of the year we have not stopped, we have had enough blanks this year, the federation has worked so that there are enough events for the team to participate,” he said.

«We expect to work from 20 to 25 days outside the country. The place of the camp has not been defined, but it must be in America.

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Regarding his physical condition, he dismissed any problem, although he pointed out that he had some ailments.

“I had some ailments in my right hand, due to the last competition that I have had, but this has forced me to work with my left hand to carry out the fights in the blanks.”

Bylon revealed that he has had offers to make the leap to professionalism, but it is not his mind to leave the boxing Olympic.

“The truth is, no, they have made me offers, I have not taken any importance, so far I feel good representing Panama in the boxing Olympic, ”he said.

Atheyna, who is a second sergeant in the National Police, said that the Central American country’s police institution gives him all the support for his training. “Right now the National Police gives me full time to train and to be able to represent the country.” EFE

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