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Paraguay in suspense due to the possible absence of Almirón and Sanabria in premundial

Paraguay in suspense due to the possible absence of Almirón and Sanabria in premundial

Paraguay awaits official notifications from FIFA to activate emergency plans in the event that the refusal of European clubs to assign players for the knockout combo in September materializes, said the sports director of the Paraguayan Football Association (APF), Justo on Thursday. Villar.
«We are preparing everything for us to play this combo of dates. We know that the players have complications due to the restrictions they imposed in the Premier League, actually by the British government, and that it continued as a ‘domino effect’ in the other leagues, “said Villar, former goalkeeper of the Paraguayan team, on local radio 1080 AM.
With the decision of the European clubs not to give up their players, Paraguay would lose their attackers Miguel Almirón (Newcastle of England) and Tony Sanabria (Torino of Italy).
On September 2, Paraguay will face Ecuador in Quito, on September 5 and 9 Colombia and Venezuela, respectively, in Asunción.
Former goalkeeper of the Paraguayan team in the 2002, 2006 and 2010 World Cups, Villar stressed that the APF, like the other associations on the continent, is under the tutelage of FIFA and Conmebol.
«They are the ones who have to send an official communication. In the meantime we follow all the instructions », he explained.
“The situation has to be fully clarified between this Thursday and Friday, at the latest. If the transfer is not guaranteed, the plans of the coaching staff will change, and they will be forced to increase the list of those called, “he said.
In that case, a plan B would go into action in Paraguay and in the other teams on the continent.
The final list will be announced on Friday by the Albirroja coach, Argentine Eduado Berizzo.
The APF resolved “to demand what the regulations specify,” said APF Secretary General Luis Kanonnikof.
FIFA handles a wide range of sanctions for clubs that are not going to give up their players, said a statement from the entity, ranging from financial fines to a ban on registering new players. (AFP)

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