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Paraguayan boxer ‘Pantera’ Moray gets parole

Paraguayan boxer ‘Pantera’ Moray gets parole

Paraguayan inmate Richard ‘la Pantera’ Moray, who on Friday was proclaimed champion of the South American tournament of Boxing Inside the Tacumbú jail, in Asunción, he was granted conditional release on Thursday after serving almost the entirety of his seven-year sentence for aggravated robbery.

The judicial authorities have granted the 31-year-old boxer this penitentiary benefit for having passed his rehabilitation process, with 10 months remaining before his incarceration in the Asuncena penitentiary ended.

The Ministry of Justice indicated in a statement that Moray “has been a sufficient creditor of the benefit of conditional freedom for maintaining an outstanding conduct and performance within the prison where he was rehabilitated through sports.”

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In addition, they argued that during his sentence he has become an “example for all those who are deprived of liberty that change is possible.”

As part of the measure, Moray will be required to provide community service as an instructor of boxing in the penitentiary, as well as attending sessions with a forensic psychologist.

The boxer will be transferred to the Virgen de la Merced shelter for rehabilitated prisoners, since his home is located in one of the riverside areas of Asunción that have been flooded by the flooding of the Paraguay River.

Moray achieved an important victory last Friday in a fight organized in the Esperanza Industrial Penitentiary, adjacent to the overcrowded Tacumbú prison, where he beat Brazilian boxer Carlos ‘Caolho’ de Jesús, after knocking him down three times in the first round.

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The international event brought together numerous media and authorities such as the Minister of Justice, Julio Ríos, and the Minister of the Interior, Juan Ernesto Villamayor.

The Paraguayan boxer is also a national champion in the welterweight category (63.5 kg.-66.6 kg.), A discipline that he began to practice at the age of 14 in Gregorio de Laferrere, a town located in the district of Gran Buenos Aires, in Argentina.

For four years, Moray began a process of rehabilitation and social reintegration in the Tacumbú penitentiary, which has allowed him to resume sports and leave his addictions to drugs and alcohol behind. EFE

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