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Pau Gasol: “It wouldn’t be bad to go back to the Lakers, but it doesn’t depend on me”

Pau Gasol: “It wouldn’t be bad to go back to the Lakers, but it doesn’t depend on me”

The Los Angeles Lakers have become the new home of Marc Gasol and in the near future it could once again be the home of his older brother, Pau Gasol. In an interview for the Italian media La Repubblica, the veteran player spoke of his possible return to the courts with the clear objective of wearing shorts in the NBA once again. In California? A possibility that he certainly contemplates.

“Well, that wouldn’t be bad at all. But it depends on several factors, some of which I do not control. That is why, at this time, I prefer to focus on the day-to-day work that will allow me to put my left foot injury behind me. Once this goal is achieved, everything that comes then will be special and I intend to enjoy it. “

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The two-time NBA champion has not played an official game since March 10, 2019, when he was playing for the Milwaukee Bucks. Later he would sign for the Blazers but a foot injury would prevent him from making his debut and would end up agreeing to terminate his contract to leave his hole to another player.

Thus, the Spanish international has been working tirelessly on his complete recovery with his eye on the dispute of the Tokyo Olympic Games postponed for this 2021. But, for this, he would need to join the discipline of a franchise that allows him a certain filming within a constant and competitive discipline at 40 years of age. And this has not been the first wink that he sends directly to the Californian organization.

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Words of remembrance for Kobe Bryant

As a reason for the first anniversary of the tragic death of the gold and purple legend, the ESPN medium has published a special report on his figure focused on his sports career and the different protagonists that surrounded his career. And among them could not miss Pau Gasol, whom he welcomed from the first minute to forge a deep friendship and together with whom he conquered two rings.

“He is my brother and always will be,” begins his fragment highlighting his great bond with Kobe Bryant. “I still don’t want to believe it. I still believe that Kobe is going to get out of that accident on his own foot. He was that invincible. He is the oldest brother I never had. “

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After his passing, Pau has been in constant contact with Bryant’s family, being present at every special event and showing their support when needed. In fact, Gasol’s daughter born last September was baptized with the name Elisabet Gianna Gasol.

“We wanted to stay very close to Vanessa and the girls. Be there for them as much as possible. Naming my daughter Gianna is a way to always keep them in mind. I will try to be a good father to my daughter, but also a good uncle to Kobe’s daughters and a good brother to his wife. ” (GG) (NBA Manics)

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